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You can use the Favourites function (Fig. 9) to highlight menus that are important to you. These are then displayed collectively.

Pages marked as favourites are saved even after logging out. Only you can see which pages you have marked as favourites.

Fig. 9: Favourites function

Add to favourites

  1. Fig. 10: Add to favourites

    In the menu that you want to mark as a favorite, click the left Add to Favouritesicon(Fig. 10).

    An input window opens (Fig. 11).

    Fig. 11: Add Input Window to Favourites
  2. If necessary, selectNew folder to organise your favourites in sub-folders.

  3. Confirm the entry of a new Favourite with the symbol .

    Click the icon to undo the input.

    The input window closes.

Update favourites

  1. Fig. 12: Update favourites

    Click the Update Favourites(Fig. 12) icon in the middle.

    The list of your selected favourites is updated.

Manage Favourites