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  1. Fig. 28: Deliveries (New)

    Click in the navigator on the menu DeliveriesDeliveries (New) (Fig. 28).

    The menu opens in a new tab.

Here you will find a list of all deliveries that have not yet been downloaded by you. The columns provide information on the respective delivery date, project number, supplier(Delivered by), etc.

Deliveries provided are always in a packed ZIP file.

Download new delivery

In the Download column in the Deliveries (New) menu (Fig. 29), you can download the required delivery.

Fig. 29: Download
  1. Click on the link in the Download column in the list of new deliveries for the delivery you wish to download.

    The file will be downloaded.

After you have downloaded a delivery, this entry disappears from the Deliveries (New) list. You can then find the list entry for the downloaded delivery in the Deliveries (complete) menu.