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The menu Existing Uploads lists uploads that have already been completed with their respective details.

  1. Fig. 35: Existing Uploads

    Click in the navigator on the menu File uploadExisting Uploads (Fig. 35).

    A window with parameters opens (Fig. 36).

    Fig. 36: Parameters Existing Uploads
  2. The parameter Upload from is a mandatory field and has to be filled in.

    Specify your search by contact person at kothes, project number etc. here.

  3. Click Open.

    The existing uploads that match your search will be displayed.

  4. Click Hide parameter list to go directly to the list of existing uploads. These are then not adapted to any particular search.

    Use Reset to delete your current search criteria.

  5. Open the upload by double-clicking on a list entry.

    Alternative: Open a list entry with a right click and the Open button.