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You can use the filter function (Fig. 15) to narrow down the currently displayed list according to selected search criteria.

Fig. 15: Filters

Activate/deactivate filter row

  1. Fig. 16: Activate filter row

    Click the Activate/deactivate filter row(Fig. 16) icon in the toolbar.

    A filter display opens above the selected list (Fig. 17).

    Fig. 17: Filter display
  2. Select a term that makes sense for your selection and enter it in one of the input fields.

    Not all input fields have to be filled in. The system also filters when you enter a single term. If several input fields are filled in, the displayed list is further restricted.

  3. Confirm your entry with Enter.

    The displayed list is filtered according to the term you entered.


Your filtering will not be saved and will be lost when you log out. Save the filter according to ⇘ ‘Save current filter’.

Save current filter

  1. Fig. 18: Save filter

    Click the Save current filtering(Fig. 18) icon on the toolbar.

    An input window opens (Fig. 19).

    Fig. 19: Save filter input window
  2. Enter a name for the current filter.

  3. Click OK.

    The current filter is saved. The filter appears in the drop-down menu in the toolbar (Fig. 20).

    Fig. 20: Drop-down menu Filter selection

Delete selected filter

  1. Select one of your created filters from the drop-down menu (Fig. 20).