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Fig. 22: Layouts

You can use the icons to individually set the column selection displayed in your view bar.

Columns such as delivery date, project name etc. are already selected in the basic settings. You can remove them, replace them with others, or supplement them (Fig. 22).

Determine column selection

  1. Fig. 23: Column selection

    Click the Column Selection(Fig. 23) icon on the toolbar.

    A drop-down menu opens (Fig. 24).

    Fig. 24: Drop-down menu Column selection
  2. Drag-and-drop the desired column from the selection into the existing columns.

    The new column is added to the existing view bar at this point.

Drag-and-drop unwanted columns from the bar into the column selection. This will remove them from the view bar.

Show/hide preview line

In the basic settings, the contents of the menus such as deliveries, event overview, etc. are displayed in lists. In the preview, comments (if any) are displayed under the respective list entry.

  1. Fig. 25: Show/hide preview line

    Click the Show/Hide Preview Line(Fig. 25) icon on the toolbar.

    A preview of the attached comment opens under the respective entry.

  2. Click the Show/Hide Preview Line icon again (Fig. 25) to hide the preview again.

In the default setting of the customer forum, the preview line is not displayed.

Edit layout in menus

You can customise the layout in individual menus.


  • You are in a menu from the navigator.

  1. Click with the right mouse button on an entry.

    A context menu opens (Fig. 26).

    Fig. 26: Selection in the context menu – Right mouse button
  2. Move the mouse over Layout.

    Another context menu opens (Fig. 27).

    Fig. 27: Determine layout
  3. Click the Award to customise the view bar to your liking ⇘ ‘Determine column selection’.

  4. Click Save to save your column selection.

    Alternative: Click on Save (with filter) to save your column selection with the set filter.