Sustainability Declaration - Sustainability - Certificate

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For us, sustainability means satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the opportunities of future generations. The three pillars of environment, social affairs and economy are central elements of sustainability.

We are aware of the importance of sustainable and regional thinking and action, and we align our daily work accordingly. The signing of the sustainability declaration is an expression of our efforts to make a contribution to sustainable development.

Protecting the environment

  • We use our natural resources responsibly, sparingly, and thus make a contribution that secures and develops the well-being of people for the future.

  • We reduce waste, water, energy and material consumption in our day-to-day work.

  • We observe environmental protection with regard to national and international norms and standards.

Successful management

  • We consistently realise potential savings.

  • We respond to the sustainable wishes of our customers and change our range of services accordingly.

  • We strive to procure predominantly products, materials and services from the region.

Act socially

  • We combine entrepreneurial action with social responsibility.

  • We respect the rights of our employees with regard to occupational health and safety and ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

  • We treat people in a prejudice-free and respectful manner.

  • We do not discriminate against our employees or others on the basis of gender, age, ancestry, language, home country, social origin, nationality, creed, political opinion or sexual orientation.

Kempen, 01 November 2016

Lars Kothes, Managing Director