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Strictly speaking, Innovation Management is not a department, but a staff unit located under the Management. However, Innovation Management is so important to us that we would like to introduce it here.

Our Innovation Manager Christopher Rechtien deals exclusively with topics of innovation over the complete Smart Information Life Cycle.

Fig. 24: Range of Innovation services

The tasks of the Innovation Manager include, among other things:

  • Control of the innovation radar

  • Control of the experts for different technical topics

  • Coordination and steering of task forces working on internal innovation projects

  • Communication with universities and management of research projects in cooperation with universities

  • Support of Project Managers and Consultants in innovation topics

  • Management of innovation projects for our customers

Christopher Rechtien, Innovation Manager

Fig. 25: Christopher Rechtien

Christopher Rechtien is a trained chemical laboratory technician and technical editor with additional journalistic training. After his studies he documented maintenance and troubleshooting procedures on Airbus aircraft as a Technical Editor for a service provider. From 2011 to 2016, he headed the Editorial Team for kothes in Bremen. Since then, Christopher Rechtien has been an Innovation Manager, focusing on key technologies and internal improvement management.

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