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The Management consists of the Managing Director and owner Lars Kothes and the Authorised Signatory Georg Beckers. As Head of Production, Georg Beckers is responsible for the Technical Editorial departments, as well as the Translation and CE Services departments. Lars Kothes is responsible for the Quality Management, Sales, IT and Central Services departments. In addition, Innovation Management is assigned to this area.

Lars Kothes, Managing Director

Fig. 8: Lars Kothes

After studying Mechanical Engineering at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Lars Kothes worked for four years at a service provider for technical documentation. In December 2003, his step into self-employment took place: He founded kothes. In addition to his management duties as Managing Director, he drives innovation, designs smart information concepts and advises customers.

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Georg Beckers, Authorised Signatory, Head of Production