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kothes offers outsourcing for any sub-process of the Smart Information Life Cycle, up to the outsourcing of the entire Smart Information Life Cycle.

Kothes stands for outsourcing projects in which services and process optimisation go hand-in-hand and thus, permanent optimisation of costs and services happens. This is why we exclusively operate Business Process Outsourcings.

Business Process Outsourcing is the beneficial combination of process optimisation and outsourcing of certain, clearly-defined tasks to third-parties. In contrast to classic outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing aims at process optimisation and the associated cost reductions or performance increases.

Fig. 5: Smart Information in Business Process Outsourcing

As part of Business Process Outsourcing, we assume full process responsibility for the previously defined area of responsibility. In contrast to service projects, where we are exclusively responsible for a single discipline, our responsibility continues within the framework of Business Process Outsourcing. For example, we also take responsibility here for:

  • the provision of the required resources

  • the planning of capacities on the basis of the production planning of our customers

  • the punctual delivery of the disciplines with regard to the delivery dates agreed with the end-customers

  • optimisation of processes and cooperation with the various specialist departments of our customers

Our clients appreciate the combination of consulting and implementation competence that kothes offers. In this way, we develop long-term, trusting relationships for the benefit of both sides.

Perfect introduction with process analysis

With every Business Process Outsourcing, we start with a detailed consultation and process analysis. The goal is to understand your requirements and to create a process landscape that can be smoothly integrated into your existing processes. They are to be relieved as far as possible from implementation obligations without being disconnected from the decision-making processes.

At the same time, we identify optimisation potentials that lead to cost reductions and define measures to leverage these potentials. At a later stage, we will work with you to develop controlling tools with which you can transparently track the extent to which the agreed measures actually lead to the achievement of objectives.

How we provide you with cost advantages

We aim to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) costs for the processes we take on, over the term of the contract. Therefore, we conduct periodic Lessons Learned Workshops in which we search holistically for time wasters and cost traps, and we learn from our experiences. Thus, even during the term of the contract, we repeatedly find optimisation approaches that lead to cost reductions.

Thanks to transparent cost structures and controlling systems, you can always be sure that you will benefit from the optimisations.

Of course, costs are only incurred if the service is also called upon. Business Process Outsourcing turns previously fixed personnel costs into variable external costs. This provides you greater flexibility in the market.

Concentration of performance and innovation are not a contradiction in terms

The Smart Information Life Cycle is not a core process for most companies. By outsourcing this process to kothes, you can better concentrate on the development, production and marketing of your own products. They often relieve expensive employees of "secondary activities" and increase their efficiency.

With the Business Process Outsourcing from kothes you can still be sure that you will not miss any development in the Smart Information Life Cycle, because kothes carries out systematic innovation work and actively approaches you with new ideas. You decide when you want to enter into new developments, and thus increase the value of your products through innovative information solutions.

Continuous improvement for your user information

We have a habit of always questioning the status quo and seeing if things can get even a little better. In the context of Business Process Outsourcings with kothes, you benefit from a continuous improvement of processes and services and never run the risk of having to eventually face outdated concepts.

If we operate Business Process Outsourcing across several business units, you have the additional advantage that we can identify and solve overarching problems. As an external player, we are often more likely to be listened to by the Division Managers and are thus more likely to realise potential for improvement.

With our best-practice systems, we use the most modern production technologies for you, which we permanently keep up to date. We use efficiency-increasing software functions for you as soon as they are made available.

Higher quality in core processes and in the Smart Information Life Cycle

Business Process Outsourcing allows you to reduce the number of processes run by your own employees. A lower complexity of the self-provided service usually has a productive effect on the quality of one's own work.

At the same time, you can rely on our established quality assurance and optimisation processes in the Smart Information Life Cycle and be sure that the question of information quality has been solved.

Scalable performance

By cooperating with kothes you make your information process scalable. Thanks to our large pool of specialists in the various service areas of the Smart Information Life Cycle, we can provide personnel on short notice for urgent projects and peak loads

By providing sufficient capacity for your information products, we ensure your time-to-market capability.

Shifting process responsibility to kothes

Business Process Outsourcing enables you to shift process responsibility to kothes. In doing so, we relieve you of many points that are routine tasks for us as professionals in the Smart Information Life Cycle; these tasks are therefore solved by standard processes:

  • For example, the Smart Information Life Cycle places complex performance requirements on personnel. The risks of staff build-up and the safeguarding of competencies, as well as the fluctuation risk are completely eliminated for you.

  • We ensure that the information is available when your users need it. In this way, we also prevent contractual penalties or the withholding of final payments

  • By transferring the responsibility for the information process to a professional partner such as kothes, you reduce your liability risk in the event of instruction errors.

  • Furthermore, the change towards Smart Information is currently highly-dynamic. We drive this development forward and keep you up to date, so you don't have to use your own resources for market surveillance and prototyping.

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