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Since the foundation of the company it has been important to us not only to provide services to the satisfaction of our customers. We want more: We want our customers to benefit from our know-how. That is why consulting on all topics of the Smart Information Life Cycle is a matter close to our hearts.

The be-all and end-all: our Consultants

Good consulting services require not only knowledge, but above all, people who can empathetically adapt to any situation, listen, combine, innovate and work with you at eye level. That's exactly what our Consultants do.

After our employees have acquired broad specialist knowledge in various roles within the company, they have the opportunity to qualify for the position of Consultant. In the process, they undergo comprehensive training. During this training, we deepen the specialist knowledge of the employees. But much more important is the training in methods, communication and presentation.

In this way, we ensure that in consulting situations, such as workshops, we develop the maximum number of ideas and solutions, together with the participants.

From practice for practice

Unlike "pure" consulting companies, we're always able to support you with the implementation of the results after the initial consultation. We support many of our consulting projects, from idea to implementation. We stand for innovative, and at the same time, feasible solutions.

We have already solved many of the problems that are brought to our attention in our own Technical Editorial department or for other customers with similar tasks. Sometimes our Innovation Manager is already working on solutions, within a task force. In any case, you can be sure that what we develop during the consultation can be implemented later.

Structured knowledge management for your success

Nobody knows everything by heart. That's why we at kothes use various elements of knowledge management that ensure that knowledge once acquired is available to all employees within the company. The core of our knowledge management is the kothes knowledgebase. In the confluence-based knowledge repository, our employees find all relevant information on all services of the Smart Information Life Cycle in a structured repository. We also use a company-wide chat tool with which our employees can exchange information across departments and hierarchies. The internal news blog and video logs provide employees with news and keeps them up to date at all times.

Design Thinking inspires your innovative strength

For some years now, the Design Thinking Method has been a successful tool in the manufacturing industry for bringing new products to market in a targeted and efficient manner, while at the same time placing a strong focus on customer needs.

As part of the DETHIS research project, we are working with several universities to further develop the Design Thinking Method so that it can be applied to service innovations within industrial environments. This has enabled us to develop numerous highly-productive approaches that we apply in our consulting projects.

The Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Ruhr University) has drawn up a Guide for this purpose, which you can download here as a pdf file:

Leitfaden_Design Thinking for Industrial Services_DE