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Service with passion

We support our customers in all areas of the Smart Information Life Cycle with active services. Service forms the core of our work and is the largest business area at kothes. We maintain long-term relationships with our customers, whose most important basis is mutual trust.

Thanks to our large team of specialists, especially in technical editing and translation, we are not afraid of big challenges, and we perform outstandingly even under time pressure. The satisfaction of our customers and numerous awards confirm this again and again.

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Focus on quality

We attach great importance to providing you with services of the highest quality. We have therefore introduced quality assurance processes in all service areas to ensure that only highest-quality final results are delivered to our customers. We constantly improve our processes and use technological developments and findings from past projects as an impetus for optimisation.

In our service processes we carry out quality checks at pre-defined points. On one hand, this ensures that only quality-assured services are delivered to our customers. On the other hand, feedback to employees forms the basis for the permanent improvement of each individual employee.

Fig. 3: Quality assurance process

In addition to the quality of the final result, the quality of the creation process is extremely important to us from your point of view as a customer. We want you to feel comfortable working with us, so that our work is a real relief and time saving for your employees.

Solid standards flexibly implemented

We have established a number of standards for our services, based on our many years of experience and permanent further development. These form the basis of our work and ensure that you receive reproducible results of high quality in all service areas.

At the beginning of the cooperation we compare your requirements with our standards and define processes, tools and quality requirements, together with you. Deviations from our standards are recorded in a customer profile. This ensures that we can fulfil your wishes sustainably, even with large teams or personnel changes.

Project management

Every customer at kothes has a kothes Project Manager who takes care of all aspects of the customer relationship and coordinates the various sub-services over the entire Smart Information Life Cycle.

The Project Managers undergo intensive training and not only have specialist knowledge in the Smart Information Life Cycle, but also bring additional knowledge in project coordination, communication and leadership.

The task of our Project Managers is, among other things:

  • Communication with the customer

  • Coordination of all subprojects

  • Resource planning

  • Professional leadership of the project team members

  • Deadline tracking

Well-trained employees

We can only provide good services with good employees. This already begins in the recruiting process, where we often opt for lateral entrants who already have experience from a wide variety of courses of study and professions.

The result is a colourful mix of employees with different linguistic, technical, didactic and IT qualifications who benefit from each other's knowledge.

Fig. 4: Basic qualifications of the kothes employees

In an intensive training program lasting an average of three months, new employees are introduced to specialist topics in the Smart Information Life Cycle in a specially created Training department. Only then do they go to the departments and locations for which they have been hired. But even then, the training is not over. Here, an experienced employee acts as a mentor for the further training of the new employees and accompanies them intensively, while they first work on projects and eventually take over their own projects.

For each employee, we maintain a skills matrix in which his or her abilities are recorded. This matrix also forms the basis for development plans and further training that employees receive during their entire working life at kothes, as prescribed during regular employee appraisals.

IT support

Information technology plays a special role in the Smart Information Life Cycle. In our service projects, we use our own infrastructure, which we have built up with our best-practice systems and continuously develop further, depending on customer requirements.

Alternatively, we also use systems that our customers give us access to, or work directly with the tools that our customers provide us. The goal is always to achieve maximum efficiency and deliver data that you can use to continue working, in case of doubt.