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Our mission

We see a world where people are more efficient and satisfied because the right information is available to them at any time.

Our task is to provide people with information relevant to their work, precisely and in a comprehensible form.

We complete this task by developing individual informational concepts, creating structures and content, and developing them sustainably with our customers.

The Smart Information Life Cycle

Companies in all industries are constantly developing new things. In addition to the products, the software or the processes, a lot of information is generated that is needed by those who will ultimately use the developments.

However, this information is often not prepared in such a way that users can understand it, but is available in the form of program code, 3D models, rough drafts or exclusively in the minds of the Developers.

The process of the Smart Information Life Cycle ensures that this raw information becomes understandable, quickly comprehensible and useful information for users and that the information is provided precisely when users need it. It also uses user feedback to continuously improve the information and development itself, creating an immersive user experience.

This makes the information smart

The term Smart Information describes the connected user information of the future. Often "Information 4.0" is also used synonymously. The aim of Smart Information is to provide the user with exactly the information that helps him or her to solve their task in a specific situation. The information is prepared in such a way that it can be received, understood and applied as quickly as possible. This creates added value for the user, which contributes to increased efficiency and satisfaction.