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In addition to the classic QM tasks in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, the Quality Management department ensures the quality of all services across the entire Smart Information Life Cycle. In addition, the five quality management employees, together with the specialist departments, develop the standards according to which we perform our services and define the quality assurance steps in the processes. They are available as coaches and advisors in all aspects of the information process, especially during the induction of new employees.

Fig. 19: Quality Management Range of Services

The employees of the Quality Management department carry out the technical editorial examination of the information products produced in the editorial offices. The quality inspection of safety concepts and risk assessments is carried out by the Head of CE Services.

Quality assurance in the Translation department is carried out by a second Specialist Translator as part of the 4-Eye Principle. The selection of Auditors and the audit criteria themselves are accompanied by Quality Management staff.

Our Proofreaders check that the language is correct and that the terminology is adhered to. They also carry out quality acceptance tests of the software developed in the IT department.

In addition to internal services, Quality Management staff advise our customers and support them in quality assurance (e.g. through quality testing and proofreading of information products).

Carsten Sieber, Head of Quality Management