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Technical Editorial 2 looks after our customers in western Germany. The team of approximately 20 employees not only takes care of the actual editing, but also covers the topics of product safety, illustration, terminology, visualisation and process control. In addition, Technical Editorial 2 staff also produces print products and electronic spare parts catalogues and provides our customers' users with up-to-date information products.

Fig. 12: Technical Editorial 2’s Range of services

The consultants of Technical Editorial 2 develop information concepts for customers in the West and take care of controlling and process optimisation. Furthermore, the Technical Editorial 2 staff has experts in the field of functional safety and CE conformity. Technical Editorial 2 also give training sessions within the framework of the kothes academy.

Alexia Hölscher, Head of Technical Editorial 2

Fig. 13: Alexia Hölscher

Alexia Hölscher joined kothes in 2006 after graduating as a Social Worker and studying Journalism and Technical Communication at Hochschule Gelsenkirchen. First she worked as a Technical Editor, then as Head of Quality Management, and later as Project Manager and Group Leader.

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The employees of Technical Editorial 2 are distributed among the locations: