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The entire information lifecycle depends on a functioning IT environment, often consisting of different special applications. In the case of comprehensive corporate IT, however, these systems have only a relatively small number of users compared to other systems relevant to the company (e.g. ERP) and are therefore often less relevant in the internal perception of the company. Accordingly, it is difficult to build up and maintain the know-how required to operate these systems at a reasonable cost.

The situation is different in our IT department. Our IT Administrators have in-depth knowledge of the operation and administration of best-practice systems. Because, as important and familiar as the ERP is for many manufacturing companies, so are the systems of the information lifecycle for us.

Fig. 12: The SaaS Concept

We offer our customers this knowledge as part of the hosting of best-practice systems, including administrative support, as an all-round carefree package. We use hardware from established data centres in Germany to ensure high availability and data security.

In the risk management of our IT processes, we are guided by the ISO 27001 international standard Information Technology – Security Techniques – Information Security Management Systems – Requirements.

Tailor-made offers

As every company has different demands on the type of hosted software, availability, support and administration services, we are happy to put together an individual package tailored to your needs.

For the COSIMA go! Content Management System, we also offer XML 24, a simple hosting solution for small and medium-sized companies.