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The aim of Information Push is to bring the information to the user at the moment when they need it. There is no need to search for information in the application situation.

Information Push blurs the boundaries between product and product information. In the best case, the user does not even notice that he or she has been "informed", as the information supports his or her actions in a natural way.

Fig. 73: The Functional Principle of Information Push

Information Push ensures that users can confidently operate a product in complex situations and are therefore more satisfied. Information Push also has the potential to make work processes more efficient by eliminating unnecessary time for troubleshooting and information research.

Information Networking as Basis for Information Push

The basis for Information Push is networked information. Networking enables the automated linking of information and product components or product functions.

Integration in operating software

If this networking exists, the operating system of the product only has to recognise the current situation of the user. This can be derived via software areas, messages, function calls, but also via special sensors (e.g. GPS). In this way, the appropriate information can be offered or called up depending on the situation, either in the form of embedded information, wizards or assistants.

Conception and cooperation is the key

A supporting concept is essential for the implementation of Information Push. The development and editorial staffs must work together intensively here, because information and product are no longer separate, but form a unit, which of course must always fit together. We support you in the implementation of such concepts and carry out technical editorial work in close coordination with your Development department.

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