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Sometimes it is time to leave the old behind and forge new paths. But how do you find the great innovations that give the famous push forward? After all, innovations do not happen by themselves.

But with the right framework conditions, you can create a climate in which innovation is possible. And with an overarching vision, you can ensure that ideas are steered in the right direction.

We support you in finding and forging new paths. You will benefit from a solid scientific basis, which we have acquired as participants in the research project DETHIS – Design Thinking for Industrial Services – and a lot of practical experience with innovations in our own company, and within numerous customer projects.

With our services we support you in your innovation process and bring our agile methods to you.

Future check

"Smart Information” (i.e. the intelligent processing and linking of information that offers both the user and the company a high degree of added-value) can also be implemented in your company. And our Future Check tells you how.

With this bespoke consulting service, we work with you to develop the goals for your future use of information, document the current status, and investigate how and which additional aspects of Smart Information would make good sense at your company.

Fig. 4: Future Check: We make your documentation smart for the future

What the Future Check includes:

  • You will receive suggestions about currently feasible and future concepts in the field of Smart Information.

  • Together with you, we develop use cases and value-added information concepts that focus on users.

  • We analyse existing information structures and IT landscapes, with respect to your goals.

  • We demonstrate ways in which the goals can be achieved.

Each company is different, so the Future Check is not an off-the-shelf service. Together with you, we determine how many workshop days with which group of people are required and how the analysis of the current situation can be efficiently structured. So, you can be sure that the consultation will result in a concept that meets the individual requirements of your organisation.

Vision Workshop

"Documentation" often means the legally required delivery of a printed document or the provision of a PDF on a website. But if you look beyond the documentation horizon and replace the term "documentation" with "information", it quickly becomes clear that in the age of "Industry 4.0" we also need an approach to "Information 4.0".

However, there is often a lack of a concrete vision for the “information world” of tomorrow. We'd like to change this: Together with the stakeholders and the management of your company, we develop your vision for the “information world” of tomorrow in a workshop. In doing so, we use various creative methods that are individually tailored to your needs, and we supplement these methods with professional input on current trends and developments in the fields of CDP, automation, augmented reality, semantic networks, etc.

As a result, you will receive professionally prepared documentation with concrete recommendations for action, which you can use as a basis for decision-making for the subsequent steps.

Design Thinking Innovation Workshop

We help you to think "out of the box" and develop information solutions that provide you with competitive advantages and add value for your customers.

For example, we use methods of Design Thinking. For many years, these methods have been a successful tool in the manufacturing industry to develop completely new, user-centered products in a targeted and efficient manner, while at the same time maintaining a strong focus on customer needs. Within the framework of the DETHIS research project, we have further developed Design Thinking, together with several universities, in order to apply it to service innovations in an industry-oriented environment. This has enabled us to develop several highly-productive approaches that we apply in our consulting projects.

Together with you, we develop new user stories, information products, features and strategies within the shortest possible time. We measure these at the earliest possible time against the requirements of your target audience and thus arrive at useful and realisable solutions. In the next step, we convert these solutions into small showcases, which we create with comparatively little effort, so that we receive direct feedback as quickly as possible, and so that we put the ideas to the test again and again, until an optimal solution is found.