Seminar "Controlling and Key Figures in the Information Lifecycle" - Controlling - Processes - Overview - Overview - Seminar descriptions

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What's it about?

Incorrect calculations and inefficient processes in Technical Documentation are often based on a lack of or insufficient controlling. At the same time, deadline and cost pressures are omnipresent. Nevertheless, it is necessary to maintain a balance in increasing efficiency and – in addition to the factors "time" and "costs" – to define and measure other key figures relevant to the success of the company. This is the only way to measure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of documentation production, make realistic calculations and take necessary improvement measures.

In this seminar you will learn how to define, collect and interpret key figures as an instrument for measuring performance and controlling technical editorial processes. This enables you to communicate and optimise the value contribution of Technical Documentation. In addition to the functions of key figures, you will also learn about the limits and risks involved in their application.

Our Topics

  • Basics of controlling and key figures

    • Tasks and functions of controlling

    • Definition, meaning, types and functions of key figures

  • Methods for the development and collection of key figures

  • Evaluating and interpreting key figures

  • Case study for the development of a key figure system

  • Summary and final discussion

Learning objective

You will learn methods with which you can develop and apply a performance measurement system tailored to your company, in order to control your Technical Documentation or your service providers.

Target audience

The seminar is aimed at anyone who is responsible for Technical Documentation or Translation Management, or for Project Management and Controlling.