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Permanent points of contact, clear responsibility

Fig. 6: Project management

Coordinating processes across departments is a challenging task in which clear authority and procedures lay the foundation for successful work. As our customer, you have a dedicated Project Manager who keeps an eye on all the services we provide for you. By assuming overall project responsibility, they ensure that the various disciplines mesh perfectly with each other. And you have a contact person for all aspects of the project who will solve any problems you may encounter and answer any questions you may have.

Experience, training and exchange

Our Project Managers have extensive experience in practical editorial work, so they have a deep understanding of the individual process steps of the information lifecycle. They also undergo intensive training in all aspects of project management.

In interdepartmental events, we ensure a regular exchange between the Project Managers, so that they support each other and learn from the experiences of others.

Project management also as an independent service

In addition to managing service projects, you can also use our Project Managers to manage your own projects – for example, if your company does not have an internal Project Manager or if several companies have to be coordinated for an innovation project.