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Our services - What we can do for you

With documentation coaching, we offer you a combination of training and technical editorial services. We create user-friendly content for you (e.g. for an operating manual or for internal user information) and train your employees at the same time. This enables you to independently create and maintain content at the highest level.

How we came up with the idea

We help many of our customers to improve the quality of their manuals by creating a user-friendly information product that meets the latest standards and uses state-of-the-art tools.

This information product is intended to serve as a basis and model for all downstream products. Frequently, however, this path is not pursued further: Consistency and completeness of the documents decrease, so that the once desired use decreases and the conformity with standards and guidelines decreases.

Objectives and methods of documentation coaching

With this in mind, we have developed documentation coaching: Our experienced Technical Editors create a master information product according to current aspects. However, they do not do this alone, but together with your employees.

Fig. 30: Partnership-based cooperation in documentation coaching

In this way, your employees receive training while working directly on a real project; on the most important topics for information preparation. We integrate all work results into our quality assurance processes so that your employees receive detailed feedback on their performance in a total of three test stages. This allows them to learn and improve during the process.