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There are many reasons for using animations to convey information: They are ideal, for example, for depicting abstract relationships such as material flows, circuits or active principles. Even in action sequences (e.g. complex assembly procedures) animations make the information much easier to grasp. Training documents, product descriptions (both presales and aftersales) as well as action sequences are therefore significantly enhanced.

Didactics is the trump card

The most important principle when using animations is the didactic concept: Already during the planning stage, it is important to determine which purpose is to be achieved in order to set a clear focus for production. In addition, it must be determined to what extent the animation is provided with supporting visual elements and texts, so that the image statement is understandable for the intended target audience.

Embedding in the Context

An animation rarely stands alone, but is usually embedded in an information product such as a website, a manual or a trade fair stand. This embedding should take place in such a way that there is no media discontinuity for the user. For example, in action sequences we prefer to embed the animation in the step sequence of the action steps: Each animation sequence contains only one action step. This enables the user to execute the action at the end of the animation sequence and then jump to the next action. If they don't understand something, they can play the animation again.

Our all-round carefree package for animations

We offer you the production of animations, starting with the didactic concept to the storyboard, up to the production of the animation sequences, from one source. The technical editorial staff works closely with the graphic designers to ensure that editorial and graphic skills complement each other perfectly. We create animations as part of technical editorial projects or as an independent service.