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With the demand to optimally inform different types of users, such as Machine Operators or Service Technicians with very different levels of knowledge, and thus to increase the success and efficiency of the respective user group, the demands on a modern information process and the systems used also increase. In many cases, it is necessary to provide more information in better quality and in an increasingly targeted manner in different media, as automatically as possible.

A new or expanded need for information can often only be satisfied if the process of generating information is rethought and redesigned: A new concept is needed and requirements, for example, for new interfaces between systems must be documented in a comprehensible manner.

Together with you and your team, we develop sustainable concepts and concrete requirements with real added-value.

Conception and optimisation

In order to achieve an optimal result and maximum efficiency when planning processes, it is important to consider the process chain holistically, from beginning-to-end. Therefore, our service starts with the conception of new processes or the analysis and optimisation of existing processes.

In this way, the various perspectives of the departments involved in individual sub-processes are taken into account, new or optimised information processes are jointly-developed and the overriding goals for the information process are achieved.

Fig. 5: Processes - Design and optimisation

Project Management

In order to optimally continue the process chain after the development phase, comprehensive project management is essential. For us, this project management is a fundamental part of every service we provide for our customers. However, it can also be provided as an independent service.


In order to provide proof of the technical and business function of the developed concepts, we have developed controlling tools that demonstrate the effectiveness of the new or adapted processes and demonstrate additional optimisation potential. Of course, if required, we can also work with you to set up your individual performance measurement system and transfer it – again, together with you – to the real-life situation in your company.

User Story Workshop

We often ask ourselves what a solution to a specific problem might look like or whether an idea might be appealing to different target audiences.

Examples are the selection of a suitable software tool or the conception of new types of content or interfaces. User stories can help us in this process by not only allowing a change of perspective, but also the traceability of ideas or solutions to different people, departments or perspectives.

User stories form a solid basis for decisions, the design of products or even the design of information processes and help you not to lose sight of the needs of all stakeholders.

Roadmap Workshop

Do you know the goal your department should be aiming for, but you don't know what this means in concrete terms and what the concrete next steps should look like?

Then we will be happy to visit you and develop your individual roadmap, thanks to which you will reach your destination as quickly (and without accidents) as possible.

Together with you, we will first work out a suitable group of participants for the workshop, taking into account your individual objectives, and of course we will also support you in the organisation, if you wish.

During the workshop, we take over the moderation and ensure that your unique roadmap for achieving the awarded goal gradually develops. We regularly manage to bring together different interests and let the team work towards the goal, in a focused manner.

Of course, this also includes comprehensive documentation of the results and the addition of concrete recommendations for action.


You actually know exactly what you want: an interface between the SAP and content management system, a script that automates complex processes, or a new function for your software. Customised adaptations and further developments of existing systems can be realised by Software Developers. For successful development, however, they need a clear idea of the end result, in "developer language".

When we create specifications, we perform exactly this translation step. Based on our professional experience, we understand both sides: the specialist department, which defines the technical requirements, and the developer, who implements them.

Within the scope of the specification creation, we work out exactly what the new development should achieve with your specialist department. The target state is then documented at the developer level. The result is a cleanly formulated, technically accurate and complete specification for your desired development, so that it can be implemented smoothly and without the loss of any time.