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Manufacturers of technical products are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products. With the CE Directives on product safety and the corresponding harmonised standards, European legislators have created a series of regulations which on the one hand define the minimum requirements for product safety and on the other hand specify the requirements for internal documentation.

CE requirements fulfilled

We can help you determine which requirements apply to your products and which do not.

We will then support you in the steps necessary to comply with the relevant directives so that you can affix the CE marking with a clear conscience. You decide whether we carry out the necessary process steps for you or whether we support you with training and software.

Risk assessment

On this basis, our product safety experts, in cooperation with our customers' Development departments, prepare the risk assessment required by the Machinery Directive and the Low Voltage Directive. We not only ensure that the formal requirements are met, but also provide valuable information on product improvements that contribute to increasing safety for the user and thus also to compliance with legal requirements.

Fig. 23: Risk assessment and CE marking

Assessment of ignition hazards

Just as the risk assessment considers the mechanical and electrical hazards, the ignition hazard assessment analyses the explosion hazards within the framework of the ATEX Directive. Here, too, our experts are available to you as contact persons.

CE services for owners

Operators can also be obliged to carry out the CE assessment procedure – namely if they retrofit a machine or plant, increase its output or assemble a plant themselves from purchased machines. In these cases they are subject to the same obligations as manufacturers. Therefore, our experts for product safety also support manufacturing companies (e.g. in the chemical, food, manufacturing, etc. industries).