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Smart information solutions are unthinkable without the corresponding IT infrastructure. That is why we support our customers in the selection and introduction of IT systems through individual and supplier-neutral consulting. From the analysis and system selection to the introduction and adaptation of the system, you receive all services from one source. If required, we can also support you in creating content in the new system, so that the investment in a new system can be put to use as quickly as possible.

First the goals, then the processes, then the systems

Fig. 16: Services System introduction

All too often, software systems are purchased without clearly stating what they are intended to achieve. This is why we prefer a target-oriented approach, because this avoids wrong decisions and bad investments in the further course of the project. We act as consultants and moderators who, together with the relevant people from your company, first work out the actual goals for the information process.

We then analyse existing processes and tools with regard to the possibility of achieving these goals. We then work out the target processes together with you. Only then do we see whether and how these can be solved with IT systems. The need for individual interfaces and system adaptations is also determined in this way. Depending on the size and objective of the Technical Editorial department, this process can be more or less extensive.

Analysis of the system landscape

Knowledge of the status quo is essential for the introduction of new systems or the development of interfaces. Here, it is necessary to find out what gaps exist, which the new system or a new interface should close, which existing systems should remain or be replaced if necessary and how the information should flow currently and in the future.

In order to gain an overview, a macro analysis of your system landscape is carried out, in which we look at all systems as a whole and include the interfaces between the systems. Then we take a look at the relevant systems individually: What does the system do? Where is the data stored? What interfaces does the system have? The analysis also reveals errors and friction losses, which provide indications for further optimisation. At the end, you will receive an appealing visualisation of your system landscape, in which all results are summarised.

In this way, we reveal optimisation potential and create a good basis for clearly defining the requirements for the planned new introduction.

System selection

When choosing a system, you are spoilt for choice. The pressure to choose the right system is often enormous. New software is usually only introduced every five-to-ten years. You have to live with an incorrect decision for a very long time, because there is usually no going back. But the right software can increase productivity, improve employee satisfaction and make things possible that were previously impossible. Investing in a good system selection can therefore be worthwhile.

Whether it is only a small pre-selection or the moderation of a comprehensive selection process: Together with you, we systematically search for suitable software that fully meets your requirements.

To find the software that suits you, we first get to know you. After the analysis of your IT system landscape, we document all your requirements in the form of a requirements specification or general specification. You benefit from our experience in the long-term use of various systems in the technical editorial environment. The requests are then sent to the system providers. Based on a points system, we will work with you to select the best suppliers and organise product demonstrations, which we will attend, upon request.

If you wish, we will also conduct a detailed test of your desired software with you, so that you can make the right decision for a secure investment in the future.

System launch

Of course we will continue to accompany you after the purchase of the software and support you in using the system productively as quickly as possible.

Especially when introducing best-practice systems, you will benefit from our comprehensive wealth of experience, as we have successfully introduced these systems many times in the past. But you can also rely on the many years of experience of our team of consultants for other systems.

At the beginning of the system introduction, we work together with you to agree on the roadmap and determine who will take on which tasks. As part of system implementations, we not only train your employees, but also actively support you in transitioning the system into the productive area. This can take the form of coaching measures, editorial input or personnel support during the migration of existing content.

In our experience, the introduction of IT systems with the support of our employees is much faster and safer than would be the case if the introduction were carried out exclusively with the existing customer team. This is mostly due to the many daily tasks that do not leave enough freedom to deal with the new system. We can give you this freedom.