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Publication is a central factor in the information life cycle; after all, the best information is useless if it does not reach its target audience. That's why we not only take care of the creation, but also the distribution of content. And this is currently undergoing major upheaval.

Change from print to digital

We are currently experiencing a change: away from print media to the electronic publication of information. We are in the middle of a shift between the old and the new worlds, especially when it comes to user information on products that have to be described. On one hand, EU directives clearly require the provision of user information in printed form for many products, on the other hand, many manufacturers and users prefer the provision of information in electronic form.

Both positions are justified. What is certain, however, is that the digital provision of information has so many advantages that it will sooner or later replace print. No one currently knows when this will be. In any case, it makes sense to keep an eye on this development, even if you are still delivering print format at the moment. Especially when new concepts are devised and new systems introduced, the focus should be on the new world without letting go of the old one.

Fig. 63: Print and digital formats from one source

We have ideas, experience and concepts on how this can be implemented and are happy to advise you on future issues.

Production and distribution of media

Even though many things in the XML editing process run fully automatically, there are still activities that require people, from the planning and organisation of publications to the creation of media, to the production of print products and data carriers.

In the context of Business Process Outsourcing we take over the process responsibility and execution of the distribution of your information media for you. Together with you, we develop processes that ensure the timely supply of information to your customers, service partners and internal departments. The trigger for media production can be integrated into your production processes via SAP, for example.

Automated media production

In the case of series products, where the information has to be provided in a job-specific, precisely fitting manner, automatic production of the media is often an option. Based on product features in product configurators or ERP systems, various information packages can be automatically compiled. The concepts and preliminary work required for this are often not as complex as you might think. Here you can benefit from our experience.

Automated Creation – the Turbo Boost for the Technical Editorial Staff

Content Delivery and Mobile Documentation

The current trend in the publication of information is towards content delivery portals. These are web servers that hold the content ready and make it available to users via authorisations, filters, search mechanisms and interfaces to other systems. Mobile information apps can also be supplied with information via content delivery portals.

We support our customers in setting up such portals. The challenge lies less in the technology of the portals themselves than in the preparation of the content, which is often unstructured in companies and available in different systems. The aim is to summarise this information and make it available to users in a bundled form via one access point.