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kothes Connect DeepL

DeepL is a cloud-based platform for AI-supported automated translation of texts into various foreign languages. The input of the texts to be translated and their output is done by default, via an input window on the corresponding website.

Especially when employees create texts in a language that is not their native language, automated translation with DeepL can help them work faster and achieve better results. At present, DeepL cannot yet replace a human translation, but especially in the technical editing process, the fast and uncomplicated translation, which is then evaluated by the technical editor, can be a great help. However, it is very time-consuming to manually copy the text to be translated into the input field on the DeepL website and then copy the translation back again.

With the help of kothes Connect DeepL, you can save yourself this step. kothes Connect DeepL integrates the translation function with DeepL directly into your content management system: simply mark a text section, click "Translate" and you are done.

kothes Connect DeepL works, in principle, with any content management system, but individual integration into the interface of the respective system is required.

Integrations have already been realised for

  • COSIMA go!

  • Confluence