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Due to ever lower margins on the sale of machines and systems, many manufacturers are looking for new business areas in which they can position themselves. Service is an important pillar here.

In addition, the current trend is towards business models in which production capacities (e.g. above the unit price of the production goods) are sold rather than machines. Here, the margin of the machine manufacturer depends on a high availability and running time of the production plants. A service that can be called up at any time is one of the key factors here.

User-oriented service information

In contrast to the standardised operating manuals, service information is not subject to any legal or normative provisions. Here, there is maximum freedom with regard to content. That's why we design service information entirely in-line with the requirements of your service staff. These can be quite different depending on the industry and service culture. Also important is the question of whether the service is internal, contractually-bound service organisations or service employees of the customer.

Fig. 32: Requirements for service information

Whoever develops new concepts for better information for service is therefore well advised to define the target audiences cleanly and then to include their requirements. And this is exactly what we do when developing information concepts within the framework of technical editorial services and business process outsourcing.

Such a concept includes, among other things, the following aspects of service information:

  • Information depth

  • Type of information processing

  • Linking of information (e.g. with spare parts management)

  • Media, provision

  • Access restrictions

  • Updating

Ensuring the supply of information on a permanent basis

Thanks to our large technical editorial team, we are able to prepare large amounts of information for your service on-time. We take care not only of the initial creation, but also of the permanent updating and provision of the information.

The result is a stable information supply process that sustainably supports your service and - depending on your objectives – reduces the number of service calls or makes the calls more efficient.

Harness synergies

Information created for Service can often be used in other departments as well. For example, installation descriptions can also be used in training or assembly. By using XML-based Content Management Systems, we can build and reuse the content so that the different departments can all be served from a single source.

Specific requirements, such as the output in PowerPoint for training, can also be taken into account. This avoids duplication of work and increases efficiency. In addition, the centralised provision of information makes the update process much leaner in the event of changes.