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The drawn illustration is considered the premiere class of visualisation. A drawing can reduce a representation to the essentials and thus direct the user's gaze. Well-done illustrations also increase the value of the information product and leave a positive impression with the user.

Comprehensive display options

There is a great variety of designs in illustrations. From the simple line drawing up to the "artistic" graphic, we offer all possible illustration styles. Simple line drawings, derived from a 3D model, are created by our Technical Editors themselves during the technical editing process. For more complex tasks our Graphic Designers are at your disposal.

Together with you, we develop style guidelines that are oriented to your corporate design and didactic tasks. Alternatively, we adhere to existing style guidelines so that the images we create fit perfectly into the existing environment.

Line drawings from 3D models

Automatic generation from a 3D model is the most efficient method for creating a line drawing. The 3D model can be manipulated before conversion to swivel components, open doors or hide areas.

Fig. 41: Line drawing from 3D models

Based on the standard line drawing, line widths can be adjusted after export, action-relevant objects/components can be coloured and tools, symbols, screws or even manual representations can be incorporated.

Fig. 42: Line drawing from 3D model with fillings

A hybrid representation, consisting of vectors and photorealistic renderings, is also feasible. This form of representation distinguishes action-relevant elements of the drawing from the remaining elements. This allows the message to be captured more quickly.