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Terminology work is not a one-off action, but an on-going process. This is because new terms for which suitable names need to be found are constantly emerging in everyday working life. Only through constant maintenance can the investment in good terminology reveal sustainable benefits.

Terminology work in service projects and business process outsourcings

Terminology is an integral part of our technical editorial projects, because terminology work ideally starts with the editorial work. The Technical Editors record the term candidates in a special term database during the editing process. Then the validation and release for each individual term takes place, which is differently complex, depending on the process expansion stage and which can also include responsible employees from your company. Details on the expansion stages can be found here ⇘ ‘Terminology process in technical editorial projects’

Fig. 51: Terminology workflow

The translators and – depending on the stage of development – your employees can also enter term candidates. The terminology is thus built on as broad a basis as possible.

We then use the database built up in this way for editorial purposes. This ensures that the Technical Editors, and later the Translators, always use the correct terms.

Tailor-made terminology concepts

If required, our linguistic staff will develop individual terminology concepts for you. Our support ranges from initial workshops, conception, terminology guidelines, implementation of processes and systems to training of process participants.