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Our core competence in the technical editorial area is the transfer of raw information from development systems (e.g. ERP/PLM), design documents, and from out of the heads of subject matter experts in the company into user information, which is a real help for the user. In this process, the information is researched, filtered, didactically prepared, formulated in a user-friendly manner, recorded in a media-neutral manner and stored in a reusable form.

Fig. 29: Information preparation in the editorial process

The primary goal is to support users so that they can perform their tasks more competently and efficiently. This ensures higher customer satisfaction, lower support and service costs and low response rates, among other things. Of course, we also fulfil all formal requirements and thus ensure conformity with laws, standards and guidelines.

Key factor: competent Technical Editorial staff

The most important role in the preparation of information is played by the Technical Editor. He or she needs skills in technology, language, media and communication in order to research, understand and process the information in a user-friendly way.

That's why we invest a lot in the training and further education of our Technical Editors. A multi-stage quality assurance system not only ensures that our high quality standards are met, but also that the technical editorial staff receive constant feedback on their performance and thus constantly develop themselves further.

Every target audience perfectly informed

In the Technical Editorial department we create texts for all conceivable target audiences. No matter whether you are a "normal consumer", a Service Technician or a bank employee: After intensive target audience analysis and industry research, our Technical Editors prepare the content in such a way that it can be optimally used by the respective user. In this way, we not only learn the language of your target audience, but also that of the subject matter experts in your specialist departments.

Creation in German and English

Our Technical Editors create the content in either German or English. In both cases, mother-tongue proofreading ensures excellent language quality.

We create in the system of your choice

A multitude of different tools has been established in the Technical Editorial department to create, manage and publish content. As a service provider, we naturally use the system used in your Technical Editorial department so that you can use and reuse the content we create over the long-term.

Our Technical Editors have extensive experience in the following systems:

  • Adobe FrameMaker

  • Adobe InDesign


  • Fischer TIM RS

  • Microsoft Word