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With Augmented Reality, the barrier between information and product is completely dissolved, because information is displayed directly on the product. The time-consuming search for information is no longer necessary.

Augmented Reality enriches the camera image of a mobile device with additional information. The real object is superimposed by a 3D model in the correct shape and position. The information can then be called up simply by tapping on components in the camera image. In addition, it is also possible to display animated action sequences that lead the user step-by-step to the correct result.

Fig. 74: The Functional Principle of Augmented Reality

In total, Augmented Reality represents a quantum leap in user information. Suddenly it's fun to inform yourself, because the information is both simple and immediately available. Customers are more satisfied, and service employees can work more efficiently.

Out of the prototype, into the series

Up to now, Augmented Reality applications in user information have had a decisively prototypical character. With a lot of programming effort and intensive manual preparation of the content, AR applications were created that were able to demonstrate the possibilities and user experience of AR in an engaging way, but were too financially challenging to go into series production due to the elaborate production.

Fortunately, that has changed: In a joint research project of the DOCUFY, RE'FLEKT companies and kothes, the foundation was laid for a production-ready process chain for the production of AR content in user information. This enables us to create Augmented Reality representations for each product with completely justifiable effort.

Comprehensive fields of application for Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is not only appropriate for user information. There are also numerous possibilities for its application within Sales and Marketing, with which you can both impress and inspire your customers. Machines at trade fairs can be supplemented with marketing information, product flows and features can be animated on the real object and your products can be presented in a completely new light.

Virtual Reality as a by-product

Since we prepare all data for Augmented Reality that are also required for Virtual Reality, all content can also be viewed in VR mode. Thus, the information can be found even when the real object is not available.

Our services

Our services include the conception of augmented reality scenarios, their technical editorial implementation, and the preparation of 3D models. You can purchase the entire service or we can support you in setting up an AR process within your Technical Editorial department. In both cases, the effort is far less than you might think.

Additional research and expansion stages

The possibilities of Augmented Reality are almost limitless. For this reason, we and our partners are researching further possible applications of Augmented Reality, such as linking to spare parts catalogues, integrating live data from the machine and much more.