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What's it about?

In everyday life, finding information is becoming easier and easier for us: through clever apps, various search algorithms or digital assistants, which we already address by first names.

So why shouldn't this also be possible for technical documentation?

Nobody wants to browse through hundreds of pages of documentation to find the text passage they need. Not to mention the fact that documentation likes to gather dust and take up space on the shelf.

More and more companies are recognising the added value of digital documentation and are already upgrading.

In this seminar, you will gain an insight into how you can transfer your documentation from analogue to digital, in order to be prepared for tomorrow's documentation.

Our Topics

  • Content Delivery Portals and their functions

  • The process of digitisation in technical documentation

  • The required metadata concept for the optimal use of Content Delivery Portals

  • The added value of such a portal for you and your customers

Learning objective

You can differentiate between what is theoretically possible and what is realistically feasible and approach a solution that is optimal for your company. You know the current state of the art in the field of Content Delivery Portals.

Target audience

The seminar is aimed at Technical Editors who would like to digitize the documentation in their company in the near future. It is also aimed at people who want to get a first impression of the new Technical Documentation in order to assess how much work is behind it.