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Information should enable and support users to solve their tasks quickly and efficiently. This increases their sense of competence and their satisfaction.

Yes, it is:

  • Does this information reach the user at all?

  • Do they really help?

  • Are they even right?

  • Do they have to compensate for a weakness in the product?

  • Is there no information at all?

These questions can only be answered by user feedback. With the electronic publication of information via content delivery or other mechanisms, for the first time there is the opportunity to obtain this feedback in a structured way and outside of time-consuming user surveys.

Fig. 77: Feedback loop in the information process

Evaluate user behaviour

The usage statistics of the content show which content is used frequently and which is used rarely. From this, conclusions can be drawn about situations in which users need help again and again. These findings can be incorporated into the optimisation of content, as well as into product development.

Obtain user opinions

In the case of electronic publications, the user can be given the opportunity to evaluate content and give direct feedback. Here, too, the knowledge gained can be used to optimise both content and products.

Receive feedback

The feedback goes one step further: Here the user is actively requested to give feedback (e.g. on the final result of an action). This makes it possible to check whether certain activities have been carried out correctly. Status documentation is also possible via the reporting channel.

Our services in feedback management

Together with you, we design feedback scenarios from which you can benefit for Development and Service. We then take care of their implementation in the IT systems and adapt the information structures. Finally, we can also support you in evaluating the feedback and the resulting measures.