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Throughout the information lifecycle, people from different departments work together to provide relevant information to different user groups. This relevant information is often produced and published with the support of external partners and using different systems.

Depending on the perspective of the departments involved in the information process, there are different focal points and requirements with regard to necessary processes and content.

The result is a complex process and system map whose mastery is the key to quality, adherence to schedules, efficiency and usability.

Fig. 1: Smart Information Life Cycle

Conception and optimisation

In order to achieve the best possible result and maximum efficiency when planning processes, it is important to consider the entire process chain from start to finish. Therefore, our service starts with the conception of new processes or the analysis and optimisation of existing processes.

In this way, the different perspectives of the departments involved in individual sub-processes are taken into account, new or optimised information processes are jointly developed and the overriding goals for the information process are achieved.

Fig. 2: Processes – conception and optimisation

Project Management

Extensive project management is essential to ensure that the process chain continues to operate optimally after the development phase. For us, this project management is a fundamental part of every service we provide for our customers. However, it can also be provided as an independent service.


In order to provide proof of the technical and business function of the developed concepts, we have developed controlling tools that demonstrate the effectiveness of the new or adapted processes and show additional optimisation potential.