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Content Delivery Portals and other solutions for digital content sharing make it possible to create and analyse usage statistics. For the first time, you can now find out which content users actually use.

This valuable information makes it possible to prepare content in an even more targeted way, and thus support the user even better.

Make bestsellers even better

Statistics can be used, for example, to easily determine which content is accessed particularly often. Here it makes sense to invest more energy in user-oriented processing, as the content is used frequently. In this way, the satisfaction of users and thus also the efficiency of the work can be specifically increased.

Developers watch out!

The frequent retrieval of content can also be an indication that the operation of a product at this point is not as intuitive as it could be. The statistics help to identify technical improvement potentials and to improve the product as a whole. Many Product Managers and Developers want such feedback.

Orphaned content

On the other hand, there is content in every Technical Editorial office that is suspected of being used little or not at all. The statistics help to identify this content. This makes it easier to decide whether to prepare this content less intensively or to omit it altogether. But be careful: It may also be the case that the content is only not used because it simply cannot be found. A more detailed analysis before deletion helps to avoid wrong decisions and to improve the structuring and findability of the content.

Information on-Demand

With the help of usage statistics and the clever use of metadata, it is also possible to determine which content is not yet available. Such knowledge can be used to make content available only when it is actually requested by users. Thus, information development can concentrate on a specific and deep information offer instead of a broader, flatter offer.

Fig. 78: Information Map in the Information on-Demand Scenario

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We support you in the development and evaluation of user statistics and in subsequently implementing the findings in improvement measures.