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  • Success Story Dirt Devil: "High quality at high speed"

  • Success Story M+ W: "Professional support enables quality guidance."

  • tekom Documentation Award 2016

  • tekom Documentation Award 2015

  • tekom Documentation Award 2014

  • tekom Documentation Award 2013

  • tekom Documentation Award 2010

  • tekom Documentation Award 2009

  • tekom Documentation Award 2006

  • Sample operating instructions for smarty KS5000

  • Operating manuals for machines

  • Technical documentation for Plant Engineering

  • Operating instructions for consumer products

  • Software documentation

  • Instructions for use for medical products

  • Technical documentation from the entrepreneur's perspective

  • tekom Lecture 2016-10: "Technical documentation as a marketing tool."

  • Technical book "Grundlagen der Technischen Dokumentation" (Fundamentals of Technical Documentation)

  • Case: "Documentation deficiencies are one of the causes of serious landing disruption: Airbus."

  • Case: “The duty to warn also exists for allegedly eliminated problems: airbags"

  • Case: "Poor quality of instruction manuals: mixing drum"

  • Case: “Missing warnings: paper shredder."

  • Case: "Missing information can lead to liability: car tow bar."

  • Case "Manufacturer has to take back product because of bad instructions: Whirlpool"

  • Workshop "Creating Instructions - Part I"

  • Workshop "Creating Instructions - Part II"

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