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Seminar "Plant Documentation"

What's it about?

Complex systems, which are adapted to customer requirements right up to the last minute, are part of everyday life in plant construction. No two systems are the same and yet the technical documentation should be ready on the day of handover. The flood of supplier documents also needs to be tamed. DIN Technical Report 146 provides a uniform guideline for the structure and content of technical documentation in plant construction.

Our topics

  • Legal basis

  • Cross-plant instructions - what are they and how do you set them up?

  • DIN Technical Report 146 - Effect, validity and content

  • Examples from the practice

Learning objective

The participants will be enabled to create comprehensive operating instructions for complex plants in their company by means of suitable organisational and editorial measures.

Target audience

The seminar is aimed at all those who write operating instructions for complex plants or are responsible for their content. Even those colleagues who are under great time pressure to make the final adjustments to customer requirements can benefit.