Safety in explosion protection through ignition hazard assessment in accordance with ATEX - Product Safety - Ignition hazard assessment - Overview - Performance specification - Overview

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The ignition hazard assessments in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU are an elementary component of the technical documentation in a conformity assessment procedure and in accordance with ATEX. The ignition hazard assessment ensures that no explosion can occur during normal operation or in the case of foreseeable and rare malfunctions.

Fig. 26: There are many things to consider when assessing ignition hazards

Within the scope of this procedure, products which are to be used in explosive atmospheres are analysed for possible sources of ignition. If ignition hazards are detected, measures for the effective prevention of explosions are defined. Depending on the equipment group, equipment category and explosion protection class, the resulting verification document must be filed with a certified and notified body.

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This is how we help with the ATEX conformity assessment procedure:

  • We explain in detail the requirements for your device’s operating manual.

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  • We prepare ignition risk assessments for non-electrical equipment.