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The plus in safety for your design

Products that fall under the Machinery Directive or the Low Voltage Directive may only be made available on the European market if they are designed in conformity with the Machinery Directive. One of the basic requirements is the preparation of a risk assessment. This document proves that your machine is safe. At the same time, it is a practical working tool for the designer and an important source of information for the operating manual.

Manufacturers and operators are subject to CE regulations

The Machinery Directive and the Low Voltage Directive require that anyone who places a machine on the market in the European Union carries out a formal risk assessment. The same obligation also applies to manufacturers who make significant changes to machines or assemble products from different manufacturers into their own machines.

This is what a risk assessment does

During the performance of a professional Risk Assessment, all hazard points of a design are systematically identified and the associated risks are assessed. On this basis, either the safety in the individual aspects is confirmed or a specific need for improvement is determined. The additional effort required to minimise the risks for the user results from the type and severity of the hazard. This may involve design changes, additional safety devices, warnings to be attached or user information.

Fig. 24: What the risk assessment can do

The risk assessment process

DIN EN ISO 12100 specifies the formal criteria for carrying out the risk assessment. A typical project procedure in accordance with this standard looks as follows:

  • We determine the ideal starting time in the construction process.

  • We analyse your design documents.

  • We carry out the standards research.

  • During the research, we clarify remaining questions with your designers.

  • We compile the risk assessment modularly and systematically according to hazard types.

  • For critical points, we discuss possible solutions with you.

  • The system displays the risk assessment with the performance level required for release.