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What's it about?

memoQ is a versatile CAT tool that enables Translators to work smoothly on translation projects. The software provides numerous functions to ensure consistency and freedom from errors. Often, however, the entire range of functions is not known at all and the software is not used optimally as a result.

We will get to know and use these functions in several example projects. In this workshop, we will focus on the processing of projects provided by Language Service Providers, but also the implementation of our own projects should not be neglected.

Our Topics (selection)

  • Get to know the working environment

  • Get to know the resources provided: TMs, term databases, etc.

  • Getting to know the memoQ Editor and the preview

  • Individual settings: Display of results from TMs and term databases, etc.

  • Options for pre-translation, auto-propagation, etc.

  • Various search and filter options in memoQ

  • Statistics, time and cost estimation

  • Concordance search

  • Tagging

  • Checks: Spelling, technical checks (QA)

  • Using the Discussion Window/Chats

  • Import of own files

  • Stumbling blocks: What can go wrong?

As far as time permits, we are happy to respond to individual requests. Please let us know in advance.

Learning objective

In this workshop, you will learn how to work on translation projects independently and how to make use of numerous memoQ functions. You are also able to import and translate files into memoQ yourself.

Target audience

The workshop is aimed at Translation Project Managers and Freelance Translators.

In this workshop, we will work very practice-oriented. Therefore, a personal laptop with memoQ installed is necessary for participation. For the duration of the training, we provide you with a license with the necessary functions.