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Seminar "Terminology: Fundamentals and Application"

What's it about?

Everyone is talking about terminology work at the company. The importance of the topic is undisputed by many – but when it comes to actively promoting terminology work within the company, it is often difficult.

In this seminar we teach the basics of terminology and terminology databases. In order to be able to use these databases to their full advantage, possible processes for terminology management, maintenance and quality assurance are developed. So that such processes can be integrated into everyday work in an uncomplicated and supportive manner, our main focus is on flexibility and manageability of the developed processes.

Our Topics

  • What is "terminology"?

  • What types of terminology databases are there? Which applications are suitable for which application?

  • How can terminology be collected from existing texts?

  • How can new terminology be meaningfully captured?

  • Which steps make sense in a terminology process?

  • How do we integrate terminology into our existing workflows (e.g. through interfaces)? How is terminology published and made available?

Learning objective

After the seminar you will be able to decide

  • whether terminology work should be used within the company and whether it should be implemented independently within the company or with external support,

  • whether new tools (software products) are required for this,

  • which individuals in the company are to be integrated into the process.

Target audience

The seminar is aimed at Terminology Managers and all other persons who are involved in terminology work as part of their tasks: Technical Writers and Editors, Translation Managers and Product Managers.