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We know what we are talking about – in all languages

Translating content into all world languages is a core competence at kothes. Our translation team offers a wide range of translation services at the highest level, and of course certified to be in accordance with DIN EN 17100.

Fig. 54: Translation worldwide

We translate all types of information products for the international market – regardless of whether the content was created in our editorial department or by our clients' employees.

Core competence translation

Our certified Specialist Translators have a technical background and extensive experience in translating technical content. You’ll also receive support in the creation of technically precise translations from the know-how and experience of our Technical Editors.

Comprehensive Translation Solutions from a Single Source

We take care of the entire translation process: Checking source texts, translation, DTP follow-up – you get everything from a single source. If we have already created the original instructions, the translation process in our XML-based Content Management System is particularly efficient.

Upon request, we can organise correction iterations for you with your foreign subsidiaries: Via online access to our system, your subsidiaries will receive a proofread version of the translation for review. Necessary changes are stored in the translation memory database that we maintain for you. Thus they are immediately available for the following translations.

Translation with editorial competence

The course for a good translation is often set in the Technical Editorial department. That is why we take a holistic approach and advise you on the following points:

  • A well thought-out modularisation of content not only saves time when creating the original texts, but also translation costs. At the same time, the consistency of information in all languages increases.

  • The wording of the texts affects the translation effort: Consistent terminology and clear sentence constructions make it easier for the translator. In addition, translation errors that could somehow cause misunderstandings for the user are avoided.

  • Screenshots and other language-dependent images containing translation-relevant text can be optimally prepared for later translations when the source text is created.