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Due to ever more complex technologies, the demand for high-quality information that leads users quickly to their goal is constantly increasing. Quality assurance measures here not only ensure that the content is prepared in a user-friendly manner and that the data quality is correct, they also form the basis for the ongoing further development of the employees involved.

Quality assurance in the service sector

Quality assurance measures are integrated into all of our service processes. In the Technical Editorial department, for example, we generally provide for an editorial review and proofreading.

Fig. 17: Editorial process with quality assurance steps

In addition to the standard quality check, there is also the option of a four-eyes check by a second Specialist Translator in the translation, and various quality assurance levels also apply in IT development.

Quality assurance as a service

We offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from our expertise in the quality assurance of information processes and to integrate our quality assurance services into their own processes. In addition to the direct improvement of information quality, this will also result in a transfer of know-how in the medium term, from which our customers' employees will benefit.

Guides and rules form the basis

In order to successfully ensure quality, the requirements are first set out in writing. This can take the form of work instructions in accordance with ISO 9001 or with the help of guidelines that we develop specifically for and/or with our customers in the case of larger projects.