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In a 3D rendering, a photorealistic representation is generated from a 3D model and colours and surface structure are adapted realistically. By editing the model, it is possible to manipulate components until they reproduce a required scene precisely, which ensures that knowledge of complex issues can be conveyed quickly.

Basic quality level possible in the "regular" editorial process

As part of technical editorial projects, we also create 3D renderings in basic quality on request, which we can import from almost any source format of your design and process further in the editorial process.

The resulting image quality is good and is optimised for the comprehensibility of technical correlations, but does not meet the requirement of being photorealistic in terms of colours, materials and surface structure.

High Quality for product information and marketing

For higher demands, the "High Quality" add-on offers an even more vivid display. The rendering is created by a 3D specialist with high-end tools, which are also used to create 3D animations in feature films. The brilliance of the surfaces and the play of light and shadow provide results that are absolutely marketable and can also be used for illustration on websites and in product brochures.