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UX stands for "User Experience" and means (freely translated) how the user experiences the product. UX Writing is the writing of all those texts that a user encounters when working with the product and that help them to understand the product and use it efficiently. These can be help texts, FAQs, error messages, info boxes or even praising confirmations, for example, if the user has filled out a form completely and correctly. UX Writing can also include the entire terminology of a voice assistant or chatbot.

At kothes, we see UX Writing as a powerful tool for establishing a brand, creating trust, minimising support and complaints, setting ourselves apart from the competition and making the product quickly understandable.

In daily use

A typical area of application for our UX Writers can be found with customers who have functional software per se, but who have a surprisingly high number of time- and cost-intensive service requests during their deployment – whether on the side of the end-users or their own Service Technicians’ Project Report UX Writing. Solid UX Writing can quickly remedy this by intervening at the crucial points and guiding the user in the right direction.

Our guiding principle is: "Good UX Writing doesn't hide the stumbling blocks, but helps to overcome them perfectly."

Those who involve our UX Writers in the development process can count on their experience to identify the sticking points in advance and not only when they become visible through increased service requests.

We can coordinate the appropriate tools for implementing UX Writing with you, or we can adapt to your existing infrastructure.

Translation of the language and the "language”

Consistent terminology is the basis for a functioning user experience – this naturally also applies to the languages into which translations are to be made. While the brief insertion of „Rechts!“ ("Right!" in German) would clearly be understood as a strong indication of direction, with the English "Right!" one would still have the option of interpreting it as confirming praise. Our translation team, with whom our Technical Editors can consult unbureaucratically at any time, can also provide a quick remedy for less obvious ambiguities and put the user on the “right” or, shall we say, the “correct” track.

The translation of the developer "language" into the user "language" must also be mastered. Even if you cannot involve our UX Writers in the development process due to time constraints, the consultations with our IT department, which also includes IT Consultants, lead to short ways to solve any technical comprehension questions.

Ultimately, research and target audience-oriented writing is the daily bread of a trained Technical Editor, which applies to every UX Writer in our company.

Scope as required

If you like to order worry-free complete packages, then you should learn about our Graphics department and its capabilities, especially in the creation of low-text manuals Information compressed to the maximum: Text-poor instructions. We can cast the design of your product into a consistent product experience for the user in a parallel process with UX Writing, involving the Translation and IT departments.

Consistency creates trust, has a high-quality effect and leaves no questions unanswered.