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It has long been predicted that digital media will replace the mass of hardcopies. But this has not yet happened and bound, punched or stapled paper copies of user information are still required: sometimes because it is a legal obligation, sometimes because customers want it, and sometimes because there is no better way to provide information to users in the application context. Paper will therefore continue to accompany us into the coming years. This makes it all the more important to make this medium available efficiently and on-time.

Digital printing and individual production of print products

Especially in mechanical and plant engineering, but also in other industries, the products are highly individualised. In many cases, unique copies are produced, for which individual documentation is also created, which is individually printed, assembled, indexed and filed. Thicknesses of several hundred folders are not uncommon.

Fig. 64: There's a lot of work involved with printed documentation

With our own high-performance digital printers, we take over the production of print media, in addition to content creation as part of business process outsourcings. As a rule, our employees have access to our customers' ERP systems and provide the required media on the basis of daily production planning.

If required, we can also dispatch the media to the end customer.

High-quality media printing

Occasionally, our customers require information products created by us in a high-quality print version. In such cases, we work together with local printers and can thus offer an attractive price-performance ratio.