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During the reporting process, you actively ask users for specific feedback at the end of a procedure. This feedback can take the form of text, photos, video, or audio recordings. Users can use their PC or mobile device to do so. This provides you with certainty and feedback on the performance and quality of specific work.

Fig. 80: Interaction between service planning, service information and feedback

Alternatively, you can give users the option of proactively generating reports, for example, to request additional service or to document damage.

Complex networking required

In order for reporting to be used meaningfully and efficiently in large organisations, some preparation is required. The creation of the actual report is the smallest hurdle. It is much more important to define the processes following the receipt of a report and to map them using a process management tool in such a way that the subsequent actions are initiated efficiently and reliably.

This requires comprehensive knowledge of the various enterprise systems involved in such a process chain. This works best when an interdisciplinary team is built up to set up the reporting process. Our experienced IT Consultants can assume the role of Moderator and Project Manager and thus ensure efficient and targeted implementation of the report workflows.

If required, we also take care of the implementation of the reporting function within content delivery portals; either with their functional scope or by means of specialised reporting applications.