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Social media has been showing us how to do it for a long time: Users evaluate the relevance of content and can either express praise or criticism via their comments. If we really want to focus our information process on the user, we cannot avoid calling on these mechanisms for user information as well. Content Delivery Portals on the web and the relevant apps for mobile devices allow us to develop this back channel.

Like and Ranking

The simplest form of feedback is a "Like". A single button allows the user to indicate whether or not information has helped them. This type of feedback has a very low-threshold and there is a high chance that it will be accepted by users.

The ranking, in which a different number of stars are awarded, is an alternative form of evaluation, in which the user has to deal a little more with the decision for an evaluation.

Fig. 79: Statistical evaluation of feedback according to PI classification

The classification of the content into product and information class helps to evaluate the ratings. This allows feedback to be directly assigned to product components and information types.

We support you in the decision of the appropriate evaluation procedure, as well as in the software implementation and evaluation of the results.

Feedback comments

Likes or rankings only tell you whether content is helpful, but not the reasons for the rating. This is only possible if users are allowed to make comments. The advantage of this additional feedback, however, entails an increased effort in the evaluation. Because evaluating free text is more complex and labour-intensive than evaluating simple Likes.

The decision as to whether and in what form and by whom comments should be allowed depends on many factors and should be considered carefully in the evaluation, due to the high level of effort. Our consultants would also be happy to assist you in this regard.